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Situated along the ‘Route des Vins d’Alsace’, Barr is a well-known picturesque town at the foot of Mont Saint-Odile. At an altitude of 200 m at the mouth of the Saint-Ulrich Valley and at the foot of the Kirchberg and Altenberg hills, the town of Barr owes its prosperity to its forest, vineyards and tourism. It is officially the wine capital of the Bas-Rhin department.
Alliance Française de Barr is a cultural centre. It aims to promote the arts culture of Alsace, its Piedmont Region of the Vosges and the Barr commune.
For several years now, this cultural Alliance centre has been organizing exhibitions on historical events in the Barr Region and within its province.
The 2000 students who attend the school each year take part, with the help of Le Souvenir Français.
Would you like to participate in our exhibitions? Call us: +44 (0)3 88 08 08 17 99.

L’Alliance Française ofBarrin numbers

Created in 1962
56 years in existence
5 twin towns
2 exhibitions per year

Our offers

1/ Organisation of exhibitions (Commemoration of the First and Second World War)
2/ Visits to the museum La Folie Marco, a bourgeois house dating back to 1763

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