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La Réunion

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La Réunion

Learning French in the heart of the Indian Ocean

The Alliance Française de La Réunion is the second Alliance Française to open its doors in the French overseas departments and regions. Located in the south-west of the Indian Ocean, Réunion is an island with a steep and majestic relief, active volcanism and an astonishing diversity of landscapes, making it a popular tourist destination.

Acknowledged as a biodiversity hotspot, with its pitons, cirques and ramparts listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites, Réunion also boasts a Creole heritage and gastronomy, a true French identity in the Indian Ocean.

The Alliance Française de La Réunion offers certifications and courses adapted to different audiences: migrants going through administrative procedures, international students on a mobility scheme, adults wishing to improve their language skills. The Alliance Française de La Réunion is France in the Indian Ocean. It is open to its immediate environment in the south-west of the Indian Ocean, as well as to southern Africa through its regional cooperation activities and its training of french language teachers.


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Our offers

1/ General French courses
2/ Tailor-made individual and mini-group courses
3/ Specialised courses: FLI/FOS/FOU
4/ Preparation for official certifications
5/ DELF-DALF-DILF examination center
6/ French language certification center (IRN, Tout public, Canada, Québec)
7/ Training programs for French language teachers

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