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Immerse yourself in culture in a small town in Alsace

Located 25 km west of Strasbourg, the town of Wasselonne has a population of nearly 6,000. It is an activity centre ideally located between two historical centres: Saverne and Molsheim.
The Alliance Française in Wasselonne is a cultural centre. It promotes French and foreign culture through the organization of conferences. Activities focused on the French language are regularly organized (Ronde des mots, dictations, etc.) and each year the Alliance Française awards French prizes to deserving students in the primary and secondary schools of Wasselonne.
The Alliance Française in Wasselonne supports anyone who wishes to contribute to the promotion of culture in various and diverse fields (literature, history, geography, science, society-related subjects, etc.) by participating in activities or by volunteering. The Alliance Française is a cultural partner for the Town of Wasselonne and gets involved in popular events with its cultural activities so that young and old can fully appreciate our beautiful language.

L’Alliance Française of Wasselonne in numbers

8 conferences
3 activites based on the French language
more than 70 years in existence

Alliance Française de Wasselonne is a cultural alliance centre that promotes the French language, the diversity of French culture and the countries that have links with France.

Our offers

1/ Conferences
2/ Round tables
3/ Partnership with the public library for the shelves dedicated to the French language
4/ Dictation
5/ Competitions based on the French language
6/ Cultural activities in the Town
7/ Collaboration with cultural associations

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