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Le Touquet

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Le Touquet

Discover the culture on the Côte d’Opale

Le Touquet, a seaside resort, is located on the ‘Côte d’Opale’ coastline along the English Channel. The town lies between the sea and a pine forest.
Le Touquet is truly a sports haven: a large sandy beach where you can practice sand yachting, an equestrian centre with a racecourse and horse show ring, three golf courses, as well as a tennis club with 30 courts.
It could also be considered a cultural haven with a museum, a media library, many cultural activities (‘les pianos folies’ festival, jazz concerts, the book fair, exhibitions, etc.).
Alliance Française du Touquet is a cultural AF centre. Through its cultural activities, it raises funds to award grants to foreign teachers of French.

L’Alliance Française ofLe Touquetin numbers

50 years in existence
27 years awarding grants
127 beneficiary teachers

Our offers

1/ 4/5 conferences per year
2/ 3 excursions per year
3/ A weekly bridge tournament
4/ A show for grandparents and grandchildren during the All Saints' holiday
5/ Reception at Le Touquet of the grant holder teachers

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